FIX F21T Detail 1Kino Flo adds another layer of versatility with the FreeStyle LED family. The new stand-alone Gaffer Tray (FIX-F31T or FIX-F21T) is an accessory for the FreeStyle 31 & 21 LED. The Gaffer Tray holds the removable LED panel. With the built-in mating plate, the KinoGrip center mount can be attached. The LED controller can also be attached with Velcro or operate remotely with a 25ft head extension.

The tray allows for a smaller profile fixture without having the need to bend the plastic barndoors back. When the mount and controller are removed, the tray can be screwed into the wall or ceiling through its screw points.

The Gaffer Tray will be available January 2018.


FIXF21T Detail

Rear View with LED Controller

FIX F31T Detail

Front View

FIX F31T Detail

Front View with LED Panel