Kino Flo Systems reveals the motion picture and television production industry’s first True Match® LED tubes specially designed by Kino Flo for operation in 4Bank, Double and Single fixtures and for stage design lighting.

Kino FT44
The FreeStyle LED Tubes display Kino Flo’s award winning True Match® white light and RGBWW color management system found in the FreeStyle 41, 31 and 21 LED portable systems, the Diva-Lite LED video field production lights, and the Celeb 850, 450, 450Q and 250 premium studio softlights.

On camera, FreeStyle LED tubes photograph with the same softness, the same subtle color reproduction as Kino Flo’s award-winning T12 high-output lamps. In addition to the >96 photo rendering index, cinematographers will see the difference the 310° LED tube
makes when operated in a fixture or out of the fixture as a remote “sabre” of light.

Paired with a 4Bank fixture’s light intensifying reflector, the tube projects soft light forward at a 100° beam angle at about the same light levels you’d get from a 1,000W tungsten softlight.

Outside its fixture, a bare tube glows like a traditional Kino Flo lamp, with light radiating on all sides. The lightweight tubes can be taped to a set wall, customized to form arrays in soft boxes or hung as “ladders” of light for illuminating stage backdrops. A narrow aluminum rail built into each LED lamp expands the mounting options for special lighting designs.

“We have reproduced the soft light quality of our T12 legacy fluorescents,” said company president, Frieder Hochheim. “And we have added the durability and versatility of our own RGBWW (5-emitter) LED’s to the equation. The result is a new technical and artistic dimension to our product line, and something different from anything we’ve seen before in our industry.”

NAB attendees flocked to the Kino Flo exhibit for a first-hand look at prototypes and to play with the wide range of light control features: White Light mode, with Green/Magenta selection; Cinema Gel mode, with 115 industry standard filter colors, and a full Hue & Saturation color system; RGB mode; and a soon to be released, Visual Effects mode, boasting easy to use flash and strobe programs such as simulated “Candle Light”, “TV Flicker”, “Police”, “Paparazzi” and more.

Like all Kino Flo LED’s, the new FreeStyle tubes are operated by solid-state drivers featuring built-in wireless DMX and standard DMX controls, 8-bit and 16-bit dimming, linear and square dimming, internal/external wireless antennae selection, and more.
Kino Flo’s LED tubes for production lighting will be shipping this summer; complete LED systems, parts and pricing will be announced June 1.