Kino Flo Lighting Systems is ramping up retrofits of its legacy fluorescent Image fixtures to repurpose them as Image LED fixtures starting this June. Repurposing the legacy Image studio series products makes it easy and affordable for customers to transition their used inventory to the latest Kino Flo LED technology that comes standard on the company’s Celeb, FreeStyle and Diva-Lite LED lights.

Kino ImageLED convert.jpb“Over the past few years there has been growing interest in repurposing fixtures from fluorescent technology to LED designs,” according to Kino Flo President and Founder, Frieder Hochheim. “Kino Flo is proud to launch the LED conversion program during Cine Gear Expo 2018, in Hollywood, June 1-2. Kino Flo will show off repurposed Image fixtures at Booth 125B, on the New York Street back lot stage.”

Kino Flo supplies pre-assembled, 5-emitter LED panels along with a specially designed “LED control cover” with all the electronics and controls built in. The new LED cover will replace the existing Image 85/87 or Image 45/47 covers, and will conform to ETL, CE and AUNZ electrical standards.

Repurposing fixtures with Kino Flo engineered LED panels and control electronics (including the new TrueMatch® Firmware 3.0) breathes new life into the older Image shells. Some of the features include Kino Flo’s easy-to-use menu and color management system, the popular White Light mode >96 photo rendering, full correlated color temperature selection (2500K to 9900K), Hue Angle & Saturation mode, Gel Presets, RGB mode, and the new Lighting Effects mode. The new controller covers will also include built-in Lumen Radio wireless DMX, universal VAC input, advanced square wave and linear dimming, plus some added features unique to the Kino Flo retrofit design.